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What I Trust

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I trust….

that every day is a chance to do better,

that when I know better, I do better,

that nothing will stay the same,

and that change is the only constant in life.


I trust….

that my children love me unconditionally,

but that I love them more than they’ll ever understand,

that quiet time will help me center,

and digging in the dirt is great therapy.


I trust…

that all will be well,

that things happen not by chance, but for a reason,

that through teaching, I can make a difference in the lives of my students,

and that someday they may realize that they can make a difference, too.


I trust…

that chocolate and peanut butter are a delicious combination,

that a long walk at the end of the day will clear the ‘what ifs’ from my head,

that being present in the moment will teach me what I need to learn,

and that being present is a continual challenge.

 girlfriend weekend therapy

I trust….

that my fifties will be better than my forties,

that good girlfriends are the best therapists,

and that if I try to stop drinking coffee again

I will seriously regret it.


I trust…


that deep down, I know what I need to do,

and I trust that when we face our fears

our life comes into focus and our voices are heard.

Tell me now, what do you trust?

With thanks and gratitude to Danielle LaPorte and her #DesireMap project for inspiration and motivation.

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