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Bike Ride With Me: Along the Truckee River from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley

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Nearly every winter weekend I’m in the Tahoe snow. November through May my ski racing kids, my ski coaching husband, and my ski mama driving self spend lots of family time near Tahoe City – but it certainly never looks like this.

Truckee River

Tahoe in the summer is an entirely different place, with a huge variety of activities. As much as I love Tahoe in the snow, it’s a nice change of pace to abandon the boots and grab a pair of running shoes and hit the beach and trails.

This weekend we decided to get up early to beat the 4th of July tourist crowds and hit the bike trail between Tahoe City and Squaw Valley. We headed off from the west shore, about 2 miles from Tahoe City.

The Truckee River in Tahoe City, just below the lake outlet. We’re the only ones around. For now.

Truckee River

No matter what sport we do, I’m always bringing up the rear.

along the Truckee River

along the Truckee River

The first of a series of bridges across the Truckee River – some in much better shape than others.

wooden bridge

The bike path is an easy ride…fairly flat, and very close to the water. I found myself getting lost in the scenery usually covered in snow.

River rock view Truckee River rocks

I love how easy it is to stop along the river and get up close and personal. I couldn’t help myself. It’s a lot colder than it looks – remember, it’s Sierra snow we’re looking at!

Truckee River Truckee River rocks

I love thinking about who has gazed at these rocks, this river. My ancestors journaled about them in the 1800s- they must have looked identical to today. In fact, these rocks were actually formed by glaciers millions of years ago. Just think about the generations who have witnessed their majesty.

formed by glaciers

My husband’s family has been coming to Tahoe for generations. We stopped here, at blue bridge, where he remembers fishing with his grandfather. Thirty-five years later, the bridge has deteriorated and is now closed off as a ‘hazardous area’.

the blue bridge and fishing rock

the blue bridge and fishing rock

The river flows out into a meadow-like space, smooth and gentle.

Truckee River meadow

Turns out my husband is incredibly patient with my bike riding strategy. I’m s.l.o.w…not only am I looking side to side instead of straight ahead, I’m like a two year old, constantly stopping to take a closer look.

waiting along the Truckee River

So he sat and waited.

I tried to get him to take me out for breakfast, but he insisted we keep pedaling.

River Ranch

River Ranch

River Ranch, located at the entrance to Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, is also the landing place for river rafters. We beat them…but not for long!

fallen tree along the Truckee

I had to get pretty close for this shot…from here on out, the Truckee River is much rougher.

rough Truckee River

A couple miles away from Alpine, the bike trail cleverly crosses under Highway 89 just before Squaw Valley.

bike trail across Truckee

The Olympic flame burns 24/7. The path ends here, 7.1 miles from our house. Time to turn around and head back.

Squaw Valley

Half-way done! Still smiling!

mamawolfe along the Truckee River

Wish you could see the baby wood ducks swimming with their mama…just out of camera range. Sigh.

Truckee River

Unfortunately, we just missed wildflower season..but there were still a few brightening the trail.

mule flower

mule flower

Despite the busy weekend, we were able to escape most of the traffic, but the rafters always come…

first rafters on the river

I stopped a few more times on the way back…not that I was tired, mind you.

it's not a weed

doesn’t look like a weed to me

Looking up river on the last bridge…

Truckee River rafters

And down river…

Truckee River rafters

I think we finished just in time.

What a beautiful morning on the Truckee River bike trail. 14.2 miles…and I didn’t miss the snow one bit!


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