iPhone Apps For Moms- What Do You Love?

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When my kids were born, smart phones were just an idea on the internet.  I’ve often wondered if I would have parented differently if I have that little device to use back then…certainly, new moms today have a variety of information at their disposal!  Please read the guest post below from Kelsey Jones, and let us know what apps you love for your iPhone!

There are various sources for top app lists, but in determining the 5 best iPhone apps for moms, it’s important to recognize the scope of activities that face a mom on a daily basis. Some of the determining factors include lifestyle, number of children, ages of children and economic situation. The reality is that every mom has a unique set of circumstances that determine her interests and needs in an app. Some mom’s use their iPhones for all sorts of activities. Others limit their use. Some spend a great deal of money on apps, while others only look for the best free apps. The best apps for moms, overall, are those that provide essential functions in a mom’s busy life.

While Facebook may not be new, it has become one of the most used apps for various demographics. Use of the Facebook app on the iPhone is perfect for a variety of communication needs. There is your semi-public forum, your own page. You can limit the access others have, permitting only select individuals to post. You are able to communicate privately within the messaging features. Whether you are wishing your best friend a happy birthday or whether you are looking for a Friday night babysitter, you can connect with your personal network. Moms tend to be most responsible for planning family activities, keeping up with family celebrations and collecting family photos. Facebook is one of mom’s organizational and communication tools, especially in app form.

While still a part of the social networking craze, Pinterest is uniquely different from Facebook in that it can be very quick and easy to use on the go for cataloguing ideas that are worth revisiting. The visual appeal of images being pinned to your own thematic boards is helpful. Pinning material from a web page on the iPhone hasn’t been well-incorporated into the app yet, but the app makes it easy to keep up with a huge spectrum of possibilities posted by friends in your network. If you like a post, you can press the like button. If you want the concept on one of your own boards, you can quickly repin for later reference. The popularity of the site and the app are both growing, and moms love the many uses of both.

All Recipes
Related to allrecipes.com, the All Recipes app is a paid app that provides access to a vast collection of recipes. For the busy mom, the benefit of being able to use meal planning features is very helpful for household organization. Being able to share a recipe through the app is helpful as well. Randomizing features allow you to look for something new by shaking the phone. This is an excellent app for gaining control over household meal planning issues.

Angry Birds
Every mom that has an iPhone also has at least one child who will need to be pacified at some point. You may deal with cranky toddlers at bedtime or you may deal with whiny teenagers accompanying you on weekly errands. In either case, the Angry Birds apps are fun, need little explanation and are easy to play. Of course, you may find the game to be a little addictive. It doesn’t require intense concentration, making it great for winding down at the end of the day or for working out your frustration as you wait in the endless line at DMV. There are free versions that have limited levels, and there are paid versions that are relatively inexpensive, providing more extensive entertainment for a minimal investment.

Words with Friends
Sometimes a mom needs a little mindless recreation, and sometimes she needs a mild challenge. Words with Friends allows friends to interact in the context of a friendly challenge similar in nature to Scrabble. While the board and tiles differ from those of Scrabble, the concept is similar. There is a free version, though the use of ads between plays is found to be distracting by some users. The minimal price of nearly three dollars may be worth the freedom from the ads. It’s possible to interact in a general community of players or to keep your circles tight. In either case, this app provides easy to understand play.

There are many variations on each of the types of apps represented, but these are the more commonly used because of their function and popularity. The use of such apps is helpful for a mom. Some provide the opportunity to communicate, while others provide organizational help. Some are effective for entertaining kids, and others serve the needs of the parents. In all cases, the top apps for moms are those that allow the iPhone to accommodate varied needs from day to day.

Kelsey Jones is a working mom and guest author at BestCollegesOnline.org, where she contributed a guide to the top 10 degrees for veterans.

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  1. Nice list, but these apps are meant for anyone – not just moms. Some people have also developed apps which target moms specifically, like MotherKnows for instance (there is a short list of examples here: http://www.appsta.com/toolboxes/useful-iphone-apps-for-moms: http://www.appsta.com/toolboxes/useful-iphone-apps-for-moms – only for iphone though).

    Maybe you could complete your list with this kind of apps? I would be curious to discover more, it does save much time for those having a smartphone/laptop…

  2. Being away from my homeland, an iPhone or a smartphone will be of great help for me to be in touch with my friend. Good thing I have a laptop and I’m a stay at home mom everything is so easy for me.

  3. Interesting post! I don’t have an iPhone nor a smart phone. But i’m always at home working from my computer, so I guess I’m only anyway.

  4. Great post. Don’t do IPhone… but I do Love facebook on my blackberry, as well as my daily weather. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. I don’t have a smart phone–but I use FB and Pinterest a lot and if I had a phone–I’m sure it would be even more! That meal planing one would be a BIG it with me…although reading other blogs I get so many ideals!!!

  6. If I did have a smart phone, I’d have all of these apps, but fortunately, I do not.

    I am already addicted enough to blogging, facebook, twitter, and other such sites.

    It’s just ALL too much sometimes… You know?

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