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Have you heard the latest news about Obamacare?  Along with those Americans who want to secede the Union after Obama’s re-election, we now have 17 state governments that want to reject key elements of Obama’s health care reform – before it has even taken effect.  I just don’t understand.

Oklahoma.  Wisconsin.  Maine.  Texas.  Louisiana.  All run by Republicans.

While states have until Dec. 14 to decide if they will run their own exchanges, as stated in the health care law, these governors have already decided that they would rather not allow Medicare expansions and other facets of Obama care for their constituents.

So what happens next?  What if you are one of the poor and middle-class Americans living in these states that would benefit from Obamacare?  The states’ refusal to expand Medicare will severely affect millions of people, both in their coverage as well as tax credits.  Most importantly, they will not have access to services they need to prevent and provide care.  What will these people be forced to do?  What would you do to take care of someone you care about?  What if it is your parent?  Your spouse?  Your child?  Will these states force their residents to cross the state border and move where care is covered?

The sad part to me is that until people get sick, they don’t understand how seriously flawed our insurance system is.  They don’t understand until it is their family member who needs treatment, a diagnosis, or even just a test to determine what their next steps might be.  They don’t understand when the only hope might be a clinical trial, like those performed by cureLauncher, and the only way to know if you qualify is through a test that the insurance company won’t pay for and you cannot afford. Trust me, it’s not a time to fight over who deserves to have medical care paid for or not.  You might think your current insurance is fine, and it might be – unless you get sick. 

So governors, please listen to the people.  Our country voted for a man and his policies because we believe in them.  Don’t quit before it has even started.  Don’t be sore losers.  It could be you who becomes ineligible next time.

Jennifer Wolfe

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