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What has happened to the month of December? Is it really almost Christmas?

Panic hits. I haven’t finished shopping. In fact, I’ve barely started.

There’s something wrong when Christmas comes down to shopping. Buying something just for the sake of checking off a wish list isn’t my idea of fun holiday times. I don’t even really like the idea of making a ‘Christmas list’ unless you’re under the age of 18; adults shouldn’t be asking for things. Christmas should be for the children, right?

I love trying to find the ‘perfect’ gift for a family member. If someone has to give me a list of what to buy, I might as well just give them cash and let them pick it out for themselves. Gift lists take all the mystery out of gift-giving.

Panic builds. I’ve only got a few days left to find gifts…I suppose there are always gift cards. Cookies. A nice bottle of wine, or maybe a plant. Eew, but these feel so…impersonal.

I really dislike Christmas shopping when I feel panicked and pressured. I much prefer sitting by the fire, sipping some Christmas tea and listening to Bing croon some Christmas classics. Shopping malls are DEFINITELY not my hangout. I cannot stand crowds, traffic jams in parking lots, people struggling with oversized shopping bags, and the kids crying in the strollers who just want to go home and play.

Panic intensifies. The deadline is looming. I need gifts, and I’ve got teenage girls to shop for!

I’ve got an idea…and it won’t involve any driving, fussing with salespeople or fighting crowds! I can simply pull out my laptop, sip my tea and take advantage of a great holiday offer that will surely make my long-haired teenage girls happy on Christmas day!

Fekkai is offering 10% off your total order and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband with $50 purchase (while supplies last) Promo Code: HEADBAND.
Click here to take advantage of this special offer:

And just think: with one click, you can save money, find unique gifts for people on your list, and not have to leave the coziness of your living room!

Now THAT’S what I call some fun holiday times!

Jennifer Wolfe

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  • My Inner Chick

    December 17, 2012

    –We’ve bought gift certificates this year for everybody’s favorite places.

    HOW EASY. For example, we bought my mom a pedicure/manicure.

    Xx Kidd

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