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Do your kids love Curious George? Mine did – and even though they’re past the ‘cuddle-and-read-me-a-book-stage’, I’d bet money that I could still recite from memory how Curious George goes to the hospital, or how he flies a kite…that’s what endless nights of reading the stories over-and-over will do to you!
So when I was asked to read aloud at for the kick off the the Curious World Tour at the California State Capitol, I couldn’t resist! Won’t you come join me Tuesday, July 26 at 2:30 and share in the fun? Just imagine: The welcome truck with a giant map featuring videos of children saying “hello” in multiple languages, relaxing on tree-trunk stools, an outdoor space for kids to engage in various food-learning exercises, an extraterrestrial area expanding kids’ minds, a play area with an open stage featuring special appearances by Curious George,  and a collaborative mural to help kids express their artistic side and learn about team work!
How fun does that sound?
If you can’t make it to Sacramento next week, check out their upcoming dates in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles – it’s going to be fantastic!

Curious World Details:

 Featuring Curious George and other iconic HMH characters, Curious World Tour will include six interactive activity stations filled with hands-on summer learning activities, from rocket ship building and story time to dancing and gardening. The mobile experience will be powered by a “Little Blue Truck” inspired by the iconic HMH children’s books by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry. In each destination, the vehicle’s trailer will unfold to create a playful learning environment for children and families.
“We know that children are born learning and that play and exploration are essential for healthy growth and development. Our goal with Curious World Tour is to bring unique, fun early learning experiences directly to children and families in their communities,” said Linda K. Zecher, President, CEO & Director of HMH. “HMH’s mission is to change lives by fostering passionate, curious learners, and our summer road trip is designed to engage, inspire, and remind us all that learning takes place everywhere.”
Curious World Tour will hit the road in a rugged, colorful vehicle that unfolds to create a mobile playful learning environment for children and families. Explorers of all ages are invited on a personal journey with beloved HMH characters like Curious George – who celebrates his 75th birthday this year – that will inspire them to ask questions, open their minds, and take a hands-on approach to the world around them through interactive, multi-disciplinary educational activities, including:
●      Curious World HQ: The welcome truck with a giant map featuring videos of children saying “hello” in multiple languages, where adventure leaders will give children the opportunity to plan and document their Curious World Tour journey with a Curiosity Log.
●      Story Camp: A tented library featuring HMH characters and award-winning stories – like Curious George, Gossie and Gertie, and the Five Little Monkeys – inviting kids to relax on tree-trunk stools and open up their imagination for story time.
●      Community Garden: An outdoor space for kids to engage in various food-learning exercises, such as planting their own seeds in a decorated pot that they can take home to water and watch grow.
●      Space Station: An extraterrestrial area expanding kids’ minds, encouraging them to think beyond planet Earth with the opportunity to make alien puppets, build space shuttles and learn about constellations in rocket ship light brites.
●      Jungle Jamboree: A play area with an open stage featuring special appearances by Curious George and others, where kids will learn about sound, rhythm and tunes on an interactive music wall.
●      #SparkAMind Color the World: A collaborative mural to help kids express their artistic side and learn about team work as they color in their favorite HMH characters alongside a local artist. Murals will be donated to education institutions and organizations that serve children and families in each local community.
“We are proud to partner with HMH and share the expertise of children’s museums in creating substantive and fun learning opportunities for families with young children,” said Laura Huerta Migus, executive director of the Association of Children’s Museums. “Curious World Tour is not only bringing HMH’s quality resources for families across the country, but is also making a great statement on the importance of play as the foundation of lifelong learning.”
In each station, young learners will be able to experience for themselves the power of playful learning inside HMH’s new interactive content service, the Curious World AppThis ever-growing library of learning videos, books and games for children ages 2-7, as well as inspiration for offline activities and tools for parents to be involved in their child’s learning journey.

Learn more about Curious World Tour here.


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