Friday Photo: Twelve Years

Sometimes as I’m moving around in my day, an image gets stuck in my head that I can’t shake. Sometimes it conjures up a memory, a feeling, or provides an impulse to do something. Often, though, I just see something that I want to capture in my mind for no particular reason-it just speaks to me. I’d like to offer these images up for ‘thought contributions’-as a way to generate a community of ideas together.
This week, the image in my mind is of my son, born twelve years ago this weekend.  He came early-very early-entering this world exactly when he thought he should.  From that moment he has taught me to trust and have faith that all things happen as they are supposed to.

the first year

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure I could handle two kids.  His older sister, 3 years old at his birth, had seemed to complete our family.  It took some deep thinking before I convinced myself to have another.  Now, I can’t imagine how I ever thought twice.  This kind, gentle soul has blessed me with a multitude of gifts that I never imagined I would receive, and with an infinite amount of joy and love.  Now, twelve years later, he still has the same large round head and deep dark eyes that gaze on the world with amazing thoughtfulness and humility.

These are the lessons my son is teaching me.  What wisdom have you gained from a child?

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe, a writer-teacher-mom, is dedicated to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of life by thinking deeply, loving fiercely, and teaching audaciously. Jennifer is a Google Certified Educator, Hyperdoc fanatic, and a voracious reader. Read her stories on her blog, mamawolfe, and grab free copies of her teaching and parenting resources.

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  1. Hi Michael Ann~ I completely agree. I don’t think I knew unconditional love before I had children.

    Hi Dee~ Thank you-you couldn’t be more right on.

    Hi Nancy~ I hope to be as lucky as you when my own kids are grown! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Really nice blog. My children are all grown now, but through the years they have given me love and support like no-one else. They are still doing it with my writing and there’s no better feeling than to know they are always there for me.

  3. The children I’ve been privileged to know during my years as a single woman with only friends’ children to play and sing with have given me the gift of wonder. They’ve helped me see “the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower” as the poet Wordsworth said.


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