Friday Photo: When Summer Ends

Sometimes as I’m moving around in my day, an image gets stuck in my head that I can’t shake. Sometimes it conjures up a memory, a feeling, or provides an impulse to do something. Often, though, I just see something that I want to capture in my mind for no particular reason-it just speaks to me. I’d like to offer these images up for ‘thought contributions’-as a way to generate a community of ideas together.

Unlike most people who live in my part of California, I hate the hot weather.   Sometimes I really wonder what I’m doing here-all I can think of is how to escape the heat and get to the cool, foggy days on the coast.  So when I think of summer’s end, I don’t mourn the long, hot days – my mind actually goes right back to our last summer trip to the northern part of California, where when the valley is baking in 100+ degree heat, we enjoyed a lovely day in the mid 60s.  Today’s photo, taken while hiking with my kids at Trinidad, California, is in honor of the end of summer-and the beginning of back to school, back to work, and back to schedules. 

When summer ends, what do you miss the most?

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe, a writer-teacher-mom, is dedicated to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of life by thinking deeply, loving fiercely, and teaching audaciously. Jennifer is a Google Certified Educator, Hyperdoc fanatic, and a voracious reader. Read her stories on her blog, mamawolfe, and grab free copies of her teaching and parenting resources.

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  1. Back in India, I used to hate summer, mainly because it’s sizzling hot over there. But I have a constant love towards summers in US. How relaxing is summer time here, but I dread snowy months..:(

    What I will be missing as summer ends..? The beautiful weather, the evening walks, playtime with baby at park… hmmm a lot, actually! 🙁

    Wordless Wednesday with Princess Liya

  2. I’ve added your blog to my new blog list! Would love for you to grab my button or link for your site!

    This past weekend our weather dropped so low we needed pants and long sleeves… My son and I love water activities so I know we will be missing swimming, sprinklers water gun and water balloon fights! But I’m looking forward to doing some new fall activities with him! Great Post!

  3. Hi Christina-fireflies-can you believe I’ve never seen one?

    Hi Rose-thanks for following mamawolfe! I’ll stop over!

    Hi Kirsty-glad you like the new layout and photo-thank you!

    Hi Lisa- thank you! I have family in Michigan, and yikes-you have to be tough to survive those winters!

  4. Seriously, you take some of the most amazing photos. They constantly awe me.

    As for what I miss most about summer is everything. I hate the snow and despise the cold weather. I must prefer Spring over any season, but I’ll take anything over Winter and even Fall. I would leave Michigan in a heartbeat if my family wasn’t here. LOL

  5. When summer ends, I definitely miss the hot days. While I don’t like the 100+ temps we’ve endured so much this summer here in the Midwest, I HATE the cold. I love floating in the pool and watching fireflies. I love all the swim team practices and meets. There are just lots of things to miss =)

  6. Hi Karen,
    Wow-I never knew NC was such a temperate place to live! I’ll have to visit there! And yes…CA has amazing microclimates. Most people think it’s all sun and beaches, but that’s completely false!
    Katherine-Images, songs, giggles…all those things that need a way to escape our brains to make room for everything else!
    Brenda-I love the rain, too. I’ve often thought I should live in the Northwest, but I love gardening too much to think about moving there! Sometimes for me those extra daylight hours mean LESS time to create-my kids end up staying up way too late in the summer and dig into my ‘me’ time!

  7. I like it warm, but not scorching. I hate the cold, but I love the rain. What I miss about summer is the extended daylight. It gives me a false sense of time, as if my day is extended and I have three extra hours to create.

  8. I really don’t like winter — or gray skies! So, ten years ago we moved to North Carolina, where the sun shines almost every day (barring hurricanes) and winter stops for just a short visit each year. LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

    We visited California last year and the varying climates blew me away. The low 70’s on the coast, the wet fog in San Francisco, and the broiling summer heat at Yosemite. Simply astounding!!! You have it all 🙂

    Have a great week!

  9. Hi Spanish Pinay ~ yes, I must say I don’t relish the idea of think heavy clothing…

    Hi Kario ~ our perspective does change when kids get older, doesn’t it? Mine spent more time this summer independently, and now that we’re all back at school I really miss them!

  10. My answer to this question has really changed a lot, thanks to this summer. For many years, I longed for summer to be over so that the kids would go back to school and I could have some time to myself. This year, though, the kids were old enough that they would spend hours on their own and then we would come together for some fun activity like berry picking or making jam, so this year, I’ll miss them when they go back to their busy routines of school and sports and I’m at home (hopefully) with an Indian Summer by myself.

  11. Oh, when summer ends I miss a lot of things… I miss going out without having the need to wear heavy thick clothes. I miss not freezing with cold. I miss the sun. I miss the beach! I just miss so many things as summer is my favorite season of the year.

    Spanish Pinay

  12. Hi Dee- summer has it’s moments, but I look forward to the cooler days and changing of the season, too!

    Hi JT- thanks for following! It’s supposed to be 100 here today, too, and unless I’m under the A/C I don’t enjoy it so much!

    Elisabeth-yes, the library activities! We live just down the street from our beautiful library, so we go year round! I even wrote a post about it-The House of Learning

  13. I am right there with you, I am not fond of heat at all. In Missouri it’s suppose to be 102 degrees today. The leaves are already falling and not a hint of coolness in the air.

    Can’t wait for a cool breeze. I love the changing of the seasons because it’s something to look forward to.
    I am following your blog now.

  14. What do I miss about the summer? Not much.

    I’m a three-season person. I delight in the colors of autumn here in the mid-West. I enjoy the gentle whisper of snow and the blast of the blizzard. I breathe deeply of newness in spring.

    But summer–not so much. It seems to me, while living it, interminable. I do my best to live in the present and embrace the day, but I find myself longing for other.

  15. Hi I’m a new follower from So Followed Saturday.

    This is a great post… it’s funny because I hate the cold and sometimes wonder why I live in Chicago if I hate it so much… If only travel was easier.

    When summer ends, I miss the heat. I hate having to wear a winter coat all the time. It’s easy to drive in the summer – no nonsensical snow, ice and slush. I love swimming, beaches, flip flops, walks to the park. I will miss summer when it ends. I do love fall though.

    For Love of Cupcakes

  16. MA- I know what you mean about the ‘New Year’-I’ve never not been a student or a teacher! My calendar starts and ends each August! Glad you like the new blog look!

  17. Your blog is looking great, Jen!! Love the changes. What I will miss about summer is stayig up later and sleeping in a little in the morning (I can never sleep too much), the kids not having homework, and I actually do like the heat. But I love fall and look forward to the change in the air and the change in our schedule. I always think of fall as the New Year.

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