Imagine The Life You’d Love To Live, Then Live It

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”

~ Brian Tracy

It’s the beginning of the year, and everywhere we turn are stories of resolution – it’s impossible to escape people’s heartfelt testimonies to how they want their lives to change, to grow, to improve. People are imagining the life they want to live.

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person – to me, resolutions are just a trendy way to acknowledge all the things people might think they’re not doing ‘right’ in their life – and most often, resolutions don’t resolve into anything but added stress and disappointment.

I think most of us have an inkling of the life we’d like to live, but often we don’t know how to get there. We think if we resolve to  check off this list of 10 or 20 or 100 things, we’ll be there. Life will be….perfect? In my experience, though, by the time we get everything – or nearly everything – checked off, life has changed, added more complications, and we wake up and realize in the quest for ‘perfect’ we’ve lost the present, and are likely in a similar place to where we began.

I’m an intention kind of girl. I like to think small to think big – and think about what I intend to do in any period of time. I do love to-do lists, but I also love the quiet and stillness required to imagine, to create, to inspire myself to live the life I dream of – and to muster the courage to do so.

Imagine The Life You'd Like To Live

This is one of the reasons I was drawn to Peg Conley’s new book, Imagine The Life You’d Love To Live, Then Live It: 52 Inspired habits and playful prompts.  Peg is an artist-turned-corporate-worker-turned-writer-back-to-artist kind of woman. According to her publishing website, mid-life, she listened to “ a nagging feeling that life might hold something else in the midst of it all. Then came a big breakthrough—(she)  founded a successful, art-centered company based on the advice of her inner voice:

Peg’s journey inspired her book, which is divided up into 52 weekly chapters full of an idea, application, quotes and advice about how to intentionally create the life that we’ve been wanting. Starting with Chapter One, Peg shares her personal story of change and then asks the reader to ‘imagine’ their ideal life – either by writing, drawing, collaging or dreaming it. Designed to be read one chapter per week, Peg offers ideas as varied as “Write With Your Nondominant Hand”, to “Look For Magic and Miracles”, to “Act ‘As If’”, “Get A Massage”, and “Look for ‘Meant To Be’s”.

One of my favorite chapters, “Give Thanks”, reminds us of the importance of gratitude in our lives. She shares statistical information as well as anecdotal, expounding her idea that showing gratitude should be more than just something we do on Thanksgiving – it should be a regular practice. I also enjoyed her chapter, “It’s the Little Things”, which assert our shared belief that we should remember to celebrate the small moments in life, the times which might be neglected on our push towards our goals.

I challenge you – make 2015 the year you set an intention to dream about the life you want to live. Think big, dream daily, and pick up a copy of Peg Conley’s book, Imagine the Life You’d Love to Live, Then Live It: 52 Inspired Habits and Playful Prompts for an extra nudge. 

I’m offering a free giveaway of one copy of Imagine the Life You’d Love to Live, Then Live It: 52 Inspired Habits and Playful Prompts – if you’d like to win, reply in the comments with your dreams for 2015! One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, Jan. 14!

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe, a writer-teacher-mom, is dedicated to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of life by thinking deeply, loving fiercely, and teaching audaciously. Jennifer is a Google Certified Educator, Hyperdoc fanatic, and a voracious reader. Read her stories on her blog, mamawolfe, and grab free copies of her teaching and parenting resources.

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  1. I am not much of a resolutions person myself, but if I make it w/o too many losses (last few years I’ve had some deaths of close family) and trying to ignore more the negative stuff, I think I will make it ok. Also, if I can increase and keep up my blogging better, it would be nice.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

    1. Angel, it sounds like you have some strong dreams for 2015…and I’m sorry for the loss you’ve been experiencing. I certainly hope 2015 brings you everything you work for!

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for commenting. Yes i agree about the new year as a time to reflect snd focus. I set my intentions for the yeAr, remaini g open to where the Universe might take me. Hope your year is wonderful!

  2. My dream for 2015 is to re-set my self talk and be kinder, more loving towards myself. I want to set a good example for my girls in learning to celebrate who I am, flaws and all.

    1. Amy, I love your dream…especially that you are thinking of how your girls see you. We are our primary role models for our kids, and they are watching EVERYTHING we do! They’re lucky to have a mama that is so focused on self-care – that’s how we give our best care to others!

  3. True words of wisdom here! I’ve often wondered what living “intentionally” and “authentically” meant. Looking forward to learning more and will check out the book, too!

    1. Hi Tracy, and thanks for the comment. I think the best, most concise answer I can give you is to live every day being true to yourself and your dreams. If you keep your intentions true, I believe life is so much more settled. I hope you enjoy the book!

    1. Ooh, limbo can be a challenging place to be, Judy! I can’t say I envy you – moving is one of my least favorite things in the world! I agree with doing ‘it’ now – no sense waiting for a perfect time for anything! Good luck!

  4. I really want to check out this book as well and I agree I’m not much a setting resolutions goals. They almost put too much pressure on you.

    1. Yes, Nelle, I completely agree. I do think there are benefits of self-pressure and accountability, but there has to be a good intention behind it all. Hope 2015 is wonderful for you!

  5. I love this Jennifer! Especially when you said “in the quest for ‘perfect’ we’ve lost the present, and are likely in a similar place to where we began.” So true… Here’s to living more intentionally! I really want to check out the book you mentioned! Thanks for sharing! Happy 2015!! xo

    1. So nice to hear from you, Sara! Yes to living intentionally – and yes to 2015! I think you’d like the book- it’s an easy read, something you could do while chasing around your kiddos! Sounds like it would be aligned with your goals for 2015, too! So grateful for your comment 🙂

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