Warriors, Quiet Wonders and Gun Reform

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“Remember the quiet wonders. The world has more need of them than it has for warriors.”

– Charles de Lint

Quiet wonders…when do you feel like one of those?  Or are you more the warrior in life, fighting every battle?

After this week’s announcement of the White Houses’s gun reform plan, it makes me think that we need both.  Or better yet, maybe a combination of quiet wonder and warrior.

We need to listen to each other, quietly, to think beyond ourselves, and work for the children.

We need to have the strength to put aside our own agendas and pay attention to the messages in the Universe.

We need to use courage and conviction, intellect and emotion, perseverance and politeness.

We cannot stay quiet.  We cannot go to war with each other.

We must find the balance.  We must work for the children.

Quiet wonders.  Warriors.  Together, we can create gun reform.

Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe, a mom and middle school teacher, loves nothing more than watching kids be brave, courageous and navigate the world. Jennifer’s stories and reflections appear regularly on her blog, mamawolfe, as well as on The Huffington Post, Bonbon Break, Mamapedia, Mamalode, and Blogher.

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  1. says

    Truer words were never spoken…. I think we should strike a balance between warrior and quiet wonder (though I am not a fan of gun control with the exception of assault weapons ban which is the sane thing to do because WHY do we need assault weapons??). I think we should be teaching our children to meditate more and bring prayer back into the schools!

    • says

      Agreed. I do not understand why the issue is so complicated over assault weapons-seems like a no-brainer to me. I don’t see that as part of the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment…my school does emphasize critical thinking and mediation. I wish our leaders could improve on that, too. Thanks for stopping by!


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